1.22-1.52:1 zoom lens - G & GS Series
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1.22-1.52:1 zoom lens - G & GS Series

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This lens has a throw ratio of 1.22-1.52:1 and can be used with the Christie® projectors listed below:

Christie DWU1400-GS

Christie DWU880-GS

Christie DWU1100-GS

Christie DHD850-GS

Christie DWU850-GS

Christie DHD635-GS

Christie DWU635-GS

Christie DHD630-GS

Christie DWU630-GS

Christie DWX555-GS

Christie DWU555-GS

Christie DWX600-G

Christie DHD555-GS

Christie DWU550-G

Christie DHD550-G

Christie DHD600-G

Christie DHD700-GS

Christie DWU700-GS

Christie DWU600-G

Christie DHD599-GS

Christie DWU599-GS

Christie DHD1075-GS

Christie DWU1075-GS


This product comes with a 30-day warranty

For specific lens throw distance values, please refer to the Christie Lens Calculator.

**This is a certified reconditioned product and may have minor cosmetic imperfections.