ILS 0.37:1 UST lens - certified refurbished
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ILS 0.37:1 UST lens - certified refurbished

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Each lens in the M Series suite of lenses includes a true Intelligent Lens System (ILS)™. The ILS automatically recognizes and calibrates a lens when it is installed. Stepper motor based encoding ensures that motor drift does not occur, as typically found with DC encoded motors, providing accurate and repeatable recall of all lens offset, zoom and focus positions.

When used with Christie M Series HD/WU products, this ILS fixed lens has a 0.37:1 throw ratio.

Due to constant research, specifications and features are subject to change without notice. For specific lens throw distance values, please refer to the Christie Lens Calculator.

Christie HD10K-M
Christie WU12K-M
Christie HD14K-M
Roadster HD10K-M
Roadster WU14K-M
Roadster WU12K-M
Roadster HD14K-M
Mirage HD10K-M
Mirage HD14K-M
Christie DS+6K-M
Roadster S+14K-M
Christie WX10K-M
Mirage DS+10K-M
Mirage DS+6K-M
Christie DS+10K-M
Mirage DS+14K-M
Christie HD6K-M
Mirage WU7K-M
Mirage HD6K-M
Christie WU7K-M
Mirage WU14K-M
Christie WU14K-M
Roadster HD20K-J
Roadster WU20K-J
Roadster S+22K-J
Matrix WU7K-J
Mirage S+22K-J
Mirage HD20K-J
Mirage WU20K-J
Christie DS+10K-J
Roadster HD16K-J
Roadster HD14K-J
Mirage WU7K-J
Mirage WU14K-J
Mirage HD14K-J
Mirage HD16K-J
Mirage S+18K-J
Roadster S+10K-M
Mirage HD25
Mirage WU25
Crimson HD25
Crimson WU25
Crimson WU31
Crimson HD31

**This is a certified reconditioned product and may have minor cosmetic imperfections.